About Me

Have you ever had a passion for helping others succeed in their lives while offering your view with a little bit of humor?  Because I do!  Welcome to my lifestyle blog!


I’m Heather, I’m a wife to my hero, and a homeschooling mother of 7 (yes, you read that right!).  And for those two reasons most days are 2 Cup Kind of Mornings.  Some days, it’s more, truthfully.  I am a blogger, a freelance writer, a Virtual Assistant, and author.  I ADORE crafting, and all things theatre (I was in Les Miserables in 2015 in Dothan, AL!), and I’ve been known to keep a plant alive on occasion.  I’m the one who runs the insane asylum I call my home.

Come meet my reasons for doing what I do:

Charlie 1
The absolute love of my life and all around good guy!  This man has supported my crazy dreams from day 1 and when I came to him with the idea to blog, he patted me on my head and told me to “go for it”.  So I went for it.  I’m so glad I listen to this man!

Zoe cheer 1
The oldest child, she loves cheer, her friends, her cats, cooking and crafting.  Zoe also runs a small business where she makes jewelry.


Judah’s my oldest son and LOVES all-things nerdy like his mama.  He’s a believer in super heroes, Minecraft and his cat Ginger.  He says I’m his favorite thing in the whole world because of my cinnamon rolls.

Nate is my loud rough-and-tumble noise covered in dirt.  When he’s not out pretending to be Spider Man or Tony Stark, he chases bugs, digs in mud and is the anole whisperer.  (If you’re not familiar, it’s a tiny little lizard here in Alabama that apparently think Nate is their king.) Nate is also a dinosaur expert.  No really.

Affectionately referred to as “Ells Bells”, Elli is my quirky, sweet and very witty 4 year old.  One half of a complete set, she is 8 minutes older than her twin sister Abi.  Elli is a lover of anything My Little Pony and Sofia the First.  It’s not surprising that her favorite color is pink and she’s named her favorite baby doll “Pinkie Pie” after the (pink!) pony.

Abs is the other half of my complete set and has a very different personality from Elli.  Where Elli is outgoing, Abi is much shyer.  Abi is very the “mothering” type and loves to learn all things homemaker.  She wanted me to tell everyone that her favorite color is yellow.

This child.  WHEW!  She’s the main reason I drink 2 cups or more a day.  She is seriously my wild child.  Fearless, and totally independent, Ziva is definitely the one who keeps me just slightly insane.

Chavilah Faith is my sweet 3 month old clone.  She’s such a wonderful blessing and always a bright, happy child.  I can’t wait to see what this life holds for her.

You’re probably looking at this wondering what makes me know what I’m talking about?  Well, the fact that I’ve had life experience.  No, I don’t have Master’s Degrees or Doctorate in child-rearing, education or development.  I have the Bible which I rely on heavily.  After all, I would be a hot mess and a lot more of a stressed out mama if I didn’t put my faith in God.  I have also kept 7 children alive and out of therapy, so that counts for something, right?  I don’t have a degree in finances, but the majority of housewives don’t, either and yet every day we can balance budgets and make our dollars stretch further.  I do have integrity, work ethic and a whole lot of love both for my family and my readers.  You have put your trust in me, or have come here for a laugh, and for your visit, I’m grateful!

So, grab a brownie, grab a cup of coffee, subscribe if you haven’t (you really don’t want to miss out on the insane ramblings of this housewife!) and welcome to my life!

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