Refreshing Your Spirit.

Refreshing your Spirit


I’m an earthy girl.  If you ask my husband he’d swear I’m a hippy at heart.

I love walking barefoot on the earth.  I love feeling the springtime sun on my skin.  I REALLY love the scent of petrichor.  (For all of you who aren’t Doctor Who fans, that’s the scent of the earth after the rainfall.)  It makes me feel connected to everything living.

Don’t roll your eyes.  This isn’t some pseudo-science crap, this is how I refresh my spirit.

Careful, Heather.  You’re dangerously close to being on the cusp of paganism here.

No, I’m not and here’s why.

Y’all know I’m a Christian.  I may not be the best at it, but that’s why God has granted me grace.  Anyhoo, who made the earth and it’s elements?  Whose sun am I standing under?  Who created the rain, and the dirt and the ensuing smell that somehow recharges me?

Why do we think getting back to nature is a pagan/hippy thing?  What is it about Christianity that has to be so chemical instead of appreciating what God has made for us?  We can appreciate a sunset and say it was painted by God’s hand, but as soon as we step into a wooded area and feel “aaah, home”, OH NO!  warning bells and whistles and red lights are going off.  Danger Will Robinson- she’s going to become a tree hugging moonlight naked dancer and name her kids things like Patchouli!

I have a friend who jokes that she’s allergic to nature.  I am exactly the opposite.  I don’t feel “right” if I’m cooped up in a building all day.  My ideal vacation is camping in the mountains.  I would gladly give up civilization right now if I could keep only 1 convenience.  (Indoor plumbing for those of you curious.)

Now, there are Christians who will argue vehemently that the church is the place to refresh your spirit.  And my question is “why”?  Jesus said that the Temple itself should be a house of prayer.  Not a place where you go and hear a motivational speech.  Now, I have no problems with church or going there to hear a sermon, but that’s not the intended function of a church.  The body of Christ is also the church.  It’s not just a building, and we’re to be in prayer for one another.  Praying for others is a wonderful thing, and I recommend it highly.  But why is that the be-all/ end-all of going to church?  I know too many people who sit in the pew for an hour and cuss someone out on their drive home.  I am not sure how you view it, but to me, that’s not spiritual refreshment.

The woods may not be your thing.  It could be the ocean.  Frankly, there are too many things that eat the things that can eat me in the ocean.  I’m good, no need to go there for me.  Not to mention, sand.  JUST NO.

But, to each their own.  If going to the rodeo refreshes your spirit, or walking among the zoo animals or streaking… no, don’t do that one… but you get my point- whatever it is that invigorates you and resets you to where you’re receptive to God’s still small voice, go do it for yourself.

You can’t give to others if you’re empty.  We’ve all heard the cliche “you can’t pour water out of an empty jar”.  Well, a lot of times, cliche’s are true.  Please- do something for yourself, even if it’s taking a bubble bath with candles, a good glass of wine and a good book.  (Wait, did I just inadvertently tell you my second favorite way to unwind?  Sure did send the good books, good wine and candles my way, people.)

Until next time, dearies.

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