Start Following Your Dreams Today!

Start Following Your Dreams Today


I was talking to my wonderful neighbor yesterday on Facebook and I sent her the 1st chapter of the book I’m writing. I am always nervous when I put myself out there creatively, because we all like to be acknowledged when we do something we love and it’s subject to someone else’s opinion.  We want to be sure that we’re pleasing to our audience.  -One of the reasons I love stage so much, is I can take my character and turn her into something truly expressive.

Anyway, the basic gist of the conversation was that she always wanted to learn something.  She’s wanted to play guitar and write songs.  You see, my neighbor has always been in a “man’s world”.  She was in the Army, in a field dominated by men.  She’s an all-around rock star and she told me something that I don’t want to forget.  In fact, the wisdom that she gave to me, I want to pass on.

This is what I gleaned from our conversation.

Why wait until you feel the “perfect” time is to learn a new skill, or follow your dreams?  If you want to learn how to fix outboard motors for boats, or how to become an exotic pet groomer or whatever, what are you waiting for?  Sweetie, Christmas comes but once a year and it usually doesn’t have the toys of “life goals” in the fat man’s bag.  (I was about to say “sack” and take this conversation in a WHOLE new direction!

What are you waiting for to make your dreams happen?

I”m not telling you to give up your 6 figure income to start a chinchilla farm.  What I’m saying is in addition to working your 6 figure income, why not start your chinchilla farm?   Since most of us live in the real world, we can’t just stop what we’re doing for income.  Like me, I can’t just stop teaching my children to write full time.  Don’t get me wrong, if I had a way to make my dreams happen, I’d install a picc line and mainline caffeine directly into my bloodstream so I’d only sleep on weekends to get everything done.  As it is, I am fixin’ to (like that?) start teaching the kids again, and adding 3 more to the mix of FT homeschool, as well as my freelance writing career, and writing books for publication.  Oh, and the blog.

Bring on the 60+ hour work weeks and the slow cooker meals.  Hey, hubs and kids like to be fed every now and then, and for some reason they all look to me to do it.  No problem, we have tons of ways to make them fed.

But seriously- what dreams and passions do you have?  For me, I love the written word.  I love how combinations of them can transform you, inspire you or completely devastate you.  I adore how syntax brings to life the mundane.

My dream is to be a full-time writer while having all of our bills paid off and have a farm where we have sheep and chickens and a huge garden and a house that I can entertain.  I want to be able to be a philanthropist because I put my God-given talents to work.  (more on that blog post tomorrow!)

Full disclosure- I’m going to monetize this blog soon.  Look, we’re a homeschooling family of 9 and you’d do everything you can to support your children, right?  Well, this is how I can contribute.  My husband gets out of the Army in a year, and I need a way to support our family while he’s in school to make a better life for us. 🙂

This post has given me so many ideas for future posts, y’all!

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