E-book launch!

E book Launch

Hello Dearies!

By now, if you’ve followed my blog in any capacity, you know we have an XXL family.  9 people.  And for some reason, they like to eat.

Like, a lot.

Well, I am bringing our recipes to your table!

I’m SUPER excited to announce that I will be launching several E-books in my 30 Days series!

I’m finishing up last minute preparations and needed adjustments.  It’s a LOT of work, but it’s going to be so worth it!  Best part- they are going to be less than $5!  Because I also know you’re on a budget (who isn’t these days?!) they’ll be launching for $2.99 a piece!  That is a STEAL!  30 recipes for 3 bucks.  That’s 10 cents a recipe!  How can you beat that?!

Good food on a budget.  I feel you- that’s why I’ve written these e-books.  I have been working on these for weeks, some in the collection I’ve had for years.  I truly hope you’ll give it a try!

Mark your calendars.  August 5th.  That’s the date.  I’ll have a post with all of the links once they’re launched.  I can’t wait, I’m excited and I hope that these recipes will bless your family, as they’ve blessed mine!

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