Finding Joy in the Everyday.

finding joy in the everyday

“Mama?  Where do baby bees come from?”  Elli’s inquisitive mind always wants to know where something comes from, or where it’s going or where her next thought is coming from.

“I like flowers, mama.”
“Pink ith my fav-o-wit color.”
“Daddy ith my hero, mama.  Becauth he’th tall and ‘mart and ‘trong.”

Being a mom will make you simultaneously smile and pull your hair out, but wallowing in the first will definitely make you miss out on the other.  It’s not always a bad thing, but focusing on the “why” usually steals our joy.  Don’t try to understand the way children think.

“Why did you put peanut butter on the cat’s paws?!”
“So she can eat when we go out.”
“You’re only going out to play on the slip n slide!”
“I know.”

Kid logic.

But I’ve found there is joy to be found in the everyday things.  Yes, there are days they make messes faster than tornadoes and do a little more damage than one too!  But those are honestly the days I am typically found smiling the most.

But why?  I would go nuts with all that mess….
Yeah, some days I do.  Ask anyone know knows me in real life- I try to be a good homemaker.  Try being the key word, but if I lost my mind to worrying about what the neighbors thought about my home constantly, I’d be a miserable soul indeed.

Since that’s the case, I’d rather focus on the things that bring me joy.

Like the sunshine in Ziva’s hair that makes it look like Rumpelstiltskin himself grew it for her.  Or the way Judah can  say something and make me laugh at just the right time with either a nerd reference or just something funny.  Like when we were at Cracker Barrel and Charlie ordered a chocolate milk for Nate and said “chocolate milk for the little one” and before he could take a breath again, Judah said “Chocolate milk for the big one, too!” while pointing at himself.  He was 6 at the time.  He’s a funny kid.

Or the joy when Chavi smiles up at me while nursing, milk drooling out of her mouth and no matter what I’m doing, feeding her forces me to slow down and take my time and really see her.

Abi’s soft, sweet nature wanting to sit next to me on the swing to hear me sing her favorite song.  (I modified Dumbo’s song to say “Abi, mine” instead of “baby, mine”.)

Zoe’s joking with me and getting more adult humor and while part of that breaks my heart, I seek the joy in her growing older.  She is becoming more independent and in it comes joys of their own.

I find joy in the horrible jokes that Nate tells, trying so desperately to be funny.  Or that, he’d rather pick a weed that has a flower on it to give to me.  Actually, he has started a rock collection for me- every time he finds one, he’ll give it to me.  He does the same with shells.  It’s a wonderful thing that he only does with me.  I find joy that he picked up a rock and instead of getting rid of it, he chooses to think of me.  To me, that is the most joyful thing of all.

I challenge you, dear ones, to find joy in something today.  A flower growing in adversity- heck yeah, concrete!-  A dog’s quirky look.  A child’s touch wanting to learn your ways.

Until next time.

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