The Ultimate Secret to Being Happy

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If you do this one simple trick, you’ll be happy too!
Ew, don’t you hate click-bait?  I do.  I loathe it, but seriously y’all- this is true.  It works.  I have been nothing but honest with you in my blog, so why would I start lying now?  I have the secret to happiness.  And for $0.00 down, and $0.00 dollars a month, you too can be happy!  In fact, if you do it right, you will only have to pay nothing just once.  (side note:  like the coffee beans?  They make me happy!!!)

Yup. I have the ultimate secret to being happy and I’m fixin’ to share it with you.  (Yes, “fixin’ to” are real words here in Alabama.)    But first, let me set this up:

I knew a missionary family once.  I don’t remember where they were -I think it was Eastern Europe, but I remember them telling me the story of how they were in the missions field, and they had just lost their house and all of there stuff to a fire that someone set.  They weren’t even able to grab food for themselves.  They had their blankets, pillows, clothes on their backs and whatever they could carry- which being at night was pretty much just the children.  8 of them living in this van in a country where no one spoke English, nothing to their names, trying to share the love of Jesus.  They were living in their van for a few months.

They were happy.

I, with a life of relative comfort and ease was no where near it. For YEARS I have been miserable, and it’s 100% my own making.  You see, I always relied on someone else to make me happy.  We’re a society that loves blame and I was good at blaming.  Oh, I became a MASTER of the fine-art of misery.

I blamed teachers for my not understanding the subject instead of my own lack of self-discipline. I blamed friends for not having a good time and bringing me down on things that I wanted to do, not what they wanted to do.  I blamed my siblings for getting me into trouble.  Well,to be fair, it did happen, but not as often as I liked to blame them for it.

Then it hit me.  God, I was miserable.  I hated how I had let myself get that way.  I used to have such joy.  Here I was wallowing in self-pity and anger and misery because I was pointing the finger at other people.

Then I stopped.

I changed my attitude.  Instead of “great, another poopy diaper” it became “I’m so grateful that my child is healthy and I can provide good food.”  Instead of “I JUST washed this dish!” it became “Praise you, Lord- we have food to eat and plates to eat off of,”.  Instead of “Another bill?!” it was “I’m so grateful that I am working so I can have the money to pay this off!”.

Did you catch that?  I had to change my attitude to be thankful.  Seriously, an attitude of gratitude.  (Cheesy? Yes.  Corny?  A little.  True?  Abso-froggin-lutely!)  Look, our attitudes as moms (and dads, and any other adult in the house) determines how the day goes.  When you wake up and hit the floor, you stumble out of bed and stub your toe on the dresser on your way to the bathroom.  That sucks, but you’re there and you see you’ve gained a pound or two.  Oh, and there’s water on the floor from your husband giving the kids a bath the night before to give you a “break”.  Your attitude determines how the rest of the day goes.

I’m not saying that you have to be all “woohoo!  I whacked my toe and I feel the pain.  AWESOMESAUCE!”.  Don’t be fake, just find something that you’re grateful for.  When your husband pisses you off find something you enjoy about him.  Even if it’s “I love the way your butt looks when you walk away from me”.    Just find something that you DO enjoy and go from there.

There are two sides to every situation.  Find your gratitude and watch your situations start improving!

There you go, the secret to happiness.  It’s all, 100% your choice to be happy.  Pretty cool, huh?

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  1. I totally needed to read this, right this very moment. It is amazing to me how God puts things where we need them exactly when we need to see them. Thank you for being so completely open and honest with your life and your thoughts.

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